S3-CP Server Migration (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Greetings CWS'

    We are advising you that we plan to migrate all accounts presently hosted on the S3-CP Server across to a new server S4-CP which will be more powerful, and have a faster connection to the internet. We advise that you should take backups of your MySQL Databases incase you identify any dataloss.

    We will do whatever we can to ensure there is little to no dataloss in this migration, as such, all website accounts will be migrated and tested 12 hours before we change the NameServers of your domain names (if they are hosted with us)

    What You Need To Do;
    **Keep a backup in case you do find some dataloss occurs.**
    If your domain names are with the Critical.WS Registrar you do not need to modify them, however if your domain name is NOT registered with Critical.WS you will need to change your nameserver settings.

    How Will I know?
    We will send out an email letting you know when to change your DNS Server Settings

  • Date - 12/06/2016 07:44 - 12/08/2016 23:48
  • Last Updated - 12/08/2016 15:47
USA West Coast Outage (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • We are presently aware of an outage effecting all USA West Coast services and are working on a solution.

    The outage was caused by the malfunciton of network equipment our provider's datacentre and has caused widespread network outages for all servers housed within this datacentre.

    We are presently in the mix of bringing up a new server which a full-migration of all USA West Coast services will occur, the new server will be running dual quad core CPUs, and will be delivering high-availablitiy content. We are also looking to provide a failover solution to ensure that this cannot occur again.

    All accounts effected will be credited for the downtime under our Service Level Agreement (SLA) Policy

    Critical Web Solutions Management.

  • Date - 11/28/2016 06:34 - 11/28/2016 08:34
  • Last Updated - 11/28/2016 00:34